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Look For These User-Friendly Features When Shopping For A Used Fridge

When your refrigerator fails, you don't necessarily need to run out to the closest big box store and buy a pricey replacement. Instead, think about perusing the used market — not browsing the local classifieds, but rather finding a retailer that sells high-quality used appliances. It's important to realize that buying a used fridge doesn't mean you'll end up with something outdated. Many retailers have a variety of modern fridges with valuable features — but at considerably less than you'd pay to buy this appliance new. Here are some user-friendly features to look for when you shop.

Hot Water Tap

Many fridges in various price points have dispensers for cold water and ice cubes, but you might not realize that some fridges also have a tap for hot water. Browse through the available choices at your local used appliance store to see if you can find a model with this perk. It will be greatly advantageous if you're an avid tea drinker, for example, as you'll spend less time standing in the kitchen waiting for the kettle to boil.

Modern Lighting

You'll be happy if you can find a used fridge that has modern lighting capabilities. Namely, instead of the interior of the appliance being lit with an incandescent bulb that heats up quickly and raises the temperature inside the fridge unnecessarily, the fridge will be equipped with the modern alternative of LED bulbs. LED bulbs put off far less heat than traditional incandescent models, which can save you money in the long run, given that the fridge won't have to work so hard to cool down after you've had the door open for a minute or two.

Fingerprint-Resistant Exterior

Stainless steel fridges look sharp in many kitchens, but you won't favor the eventual appearance of fingerprints on the exterior of the metal that need to be scrubbed off. If you have children, look for a fridge that boasts having a fingerprint-resistant exterior. This will save you considerable time and effort over the months and years ahead, as your children's fingerprint smudges won't show up on the outside of the appliance, and thus won't need to be cleaned off.

Smart Capabilities

If you love the latest technology, you'll want to look for a used fridge with smart capabilities. The specific features of these fridges differ by manufacturer but typically connect with an app for your smartphone. The app can let you know if the fridge door has been inadvertently left open, and you can control the temperature inside the appliance, too.

For additional info and options, talk with some of your local used appliance retailers.