Getting An Appliance Plan For Your Home

Quickly Attract Tenants To Your Rental Home With These Budget-Friendly Updates

Looking for ways to quickly occupy your rental home so you don't lose money between tenants? Here are a few budget-friendly update ideas that will help you do just that:

Focus on Appliances

New appliances are one of the things that most tenants tend to look for when searching for a rental house to call home. Stainless steel is one of the most popular options, but you don't have to spend thousands of dollars to make the appliances shine in your rental home. If there are already appliances in the home, hire a repair technician to inspect, tune-up, and repair each piece as necessary.

If you're in need of appliances, buy them used to save money before scheduling an appointment with a repair technician like American Appliance INC. Once you've fixed up all the appliances, treat them with epoxy appliance paint to make them look new again. You can even make them all look like they've been made of stainless steel.

Plant a Few New Trees

Landscaping with trees is an excellent way to increase the overall value of your rental property by up to 20 percent while improving curb appeal. Potential renters will notice the trees as they pull up to the curb, and will appreciate that they increase energy efficiency which will help keep their power bills low while living there.

Deciduous trees are a great option because they're full of attractive leaves during the summer which will keep the home shaded from the sun's heat, so the air conditioner doesn't have to be used as often. During the winter months, deciduous trees lose all of their leaves so that the sun can warm things up inside, so the heater isn't faced with unnecessary wear and tear. Baby trees should cost less than fifty dollars each and will provide a lifetime of benefits. Consider planting red maple, black gum, river birch, or bald cypress trees near windows that tend to get direct sunlight during the day.

Create an Enclosed Yard

Using plants to create an enclosed hedge fence in the backyard will attract renters with families by providing a safe place for their kids and pets to play. Planting a hedge perimeter is a less expensive option than having fencing installed, and will effectively stand up to outdoor elements for year-round use. Consider planting boxwood around the area you'd like to enclose. It's hardy, easy to work with, and can handle shearing and trimming on a regular basis. Boxwood can be grown up to 20 feet in height to provide extra privacy for your tenants.

These update ideas should be easy to implement and are sure to help get your rental home occupied quickly once it's put on the market.