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4 Reasons To Repair Rather Than Replace Your Microwave

Microwaves are popular home appliances. Like most appliances that get used on a daily basis, microwaves are prone to wear and tear. When there is a problem with your microwave, you may be wondering if you should repair it or buy a brand new one. While it might make sense to simply replace it, sometimes there are more benefits for repairing it.

Here are four reasons to repair your microwave rather than replace it.

1. Your Microwave Is Not that Old

If you just bought your microwave and something goes wrong with it, microwave repair is often a better option than buying a new one. This is especially true if your microwave is less than 10 years old. Most microwaves usually last at least this long.

2. Your Microwave Is Having Only Minor Problems

Sometimes if your microwave isn't working right, it's simply because a fuse needs to be replaced. There are other reasons as well. Maybe the electrical outlet it's plugged into isn't working. If the keypad isn't working, you might just need to clean it. If you see sparks when the microwave is in operation, there might be a small piece of metal or aluminum foil inside the microwave.

If the microwave plate isn't turning as it should, it might not be sitting correctly on the guides. If on the other hand, your microwave is experiencing major problems, such as the microwave door is damaged or doesn't seal properly, it could be time for a new microwave.

3. Your Microwave Is Too Expensive to Replace

If your microwave isn't that old and it is not experiencing major issues, you will want to consider the cost of repairs versus replacing it with a new one. Some kinds of microwaves are more expensive than others. This includes over-the-range microwaves that have a fan. These units can cost up to $500. High-end or luxury microwaves can be even more expensive. Luxury microwaves are sometimes made of stainless steel that is fingerprint-resistant.

Other features may include LED or halogen lighting, a sleek exterior, child safety locks, and built-in ventilation. These microwaves usually cost more than $500. If you have an over-the-range microwave with a fan, or a luxury microwave, it will most likely cost less to repair than to replace.

4. You Like Your Microwave

Some microwaves are better than others. If you really like the microwave you have, this might be one more reason to make repairs instead of replacing it.