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How To Repair Your Air Conditioner

If your air conditioning is slow, weak, or otherwise not working, then you probably are in need of air conditioning repair. If so, here is how to troubleshoot the issue and repair it with ease.

Always Change The Filters

One of the easiest ways to get your air conditioning unit back to normal is to change the filters. If the filters are clogged, then it's more difficult for the AC unit to run. This means there is more energy used to cool your home to the same degree and less cooling or air power at the same level you've adjusted your AC too. The more power used, the more likely your AC will break with a burst pipe or damaged coils. Plus, the excess dirt and dust on the filter could get into the AC unit itself and cause further damage. Even if your AC unit needs repair for other reasons, replacing or cleaning the filters won't hurt.

Find The Broken Part

Once you've turned the AC off and cleaned out the filter, you can try to identify other problems with the AC unit that you can repair yourself (or something you can call a professional for). If your filter needed to be cleaned, then you should check to see if the evaporator coils were clogged or frozen as well. If so, you can clean these out with a hose or with air, respectively. Your AC might have a blown fuse or chewed-up wires, although these issues may require a professional. You can also replace the capacitor, which stores electricity, after disconnecting and reconnecting the wires attached to it or even replacing the mechanical AC contactor or the fan motor if all else fails

Call A Professional

There are many AC repair jobs that you should not do yourself, such as those involving replacing wires (if you aren't experienced) and others. For example, your AC might not be working because the cylindrical fuses within the disconnect box are blown. If so, you'll need a multimeter to see if they're blown, plus new fuses if they are. If you don't have a multimeter or aren't sure you'll be able to use it, you'll want to call an HVAC contractor or other service that can repair your AC. Plus, repairing the unit incorrectly could lead to more problems later on. If you've tried all the repairs you can think off, then you'll want to call a professional.

Make sure to be careful when doing your own AC unit repair. You can repair your AC by changing the filter, replacing certain parts, or calling an HVAC contractor.