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What To Do If Your Freezer Is Thawing Your Food, Rather Than Freezing

If your freezer isn't freezing your food any longer, all of that stored food is going to start thawing. You, like most people, probably store a lot of food in your freezer, and all of that food can just go to waste if you aren't keeping a close eye on the temperature inside of it. If you open your freezer and find that it feels warm, or  you notice that your ice cubes have become a puddle of water, you have a problem that you need to have repaired. If you aren't sure where to begin or what to do, you should hire a professional appliance repairman to help you. If you are a bit handy and can make the repairs, read on for some helpful information.

Adjust The Temperature

The temperature inside of your freezer may have been turned freezer down and may just need to be adjusted a bit. Try to adjust the thermostat inside the freezer to see if it cools it down and the temperature inside returns to the proper temperature. Also check the temperature inside your refrigerator to be sure it is the right temperature as well if you have a freezer/refrigerator that is not working properly. If the temperature setting is not the issue, you can move on.

Clear The Vents

The vents in your freezer needs to be kept clear, so if your freezer is packed full, it will block the air flow and could cause warm pockets in the freezer. Be sure to clear the vents and clean out your freezer from time to time, or invest in another freezer to store your food. You can't over-stock your freezer, or it will cause problems, including the freezer over-running to keep your food cool, which can lead to a breakdown. If the vents were clear, move on.

Clean The Coils

Clean the coils on the freezer/refrigerator. These coils help to cool the freezer, so if they are clogged with dirt and debris, they won't be able to cool properly. Clean the coils with a shop vacuum or the extension on your vacuum cleaner. Move your freezer out to clean the coils and be sure you aren't storing anything on the top of the freezer, as it can cause issues with the freezer being able to cool.

If your freezer is not freezing, it could be a number of different issues. Use the tips above to help you make the repair. If you aren't able to get it to cool properly, you should hire a professional appliance repairman such as one from Cal Valley Appliance.