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Why Is Your Dryer Damaging Your Clothes?

When you put your clothes in your dryer, you expect them to come out clean, dry, and wrinkle-free. However, this may not always be the case. Sometimes your dryer can burn, stain, or tear your clothes. If you have ever experienced this, you understand the feeling of putting your favorite shirt into the dryer only for it to come out with a hole. What could make your dryer ruin your clothes instead of drying them? Here are some possible reasons. 

1. Damaged Heating Element

This is the main reason your dryer may be burning your laundry. The heating element is responsible for producing the heat that dries your clothes. Normally, the element turns off after some time to avoid overheating the dryer and to save energy. But if it is faulty, it might continue running, causing the dryer to overheat. This leads to burned clothes. And this will continue unless you contact a dryer repair expert to replace the worn-out heating element.

2. Damaged Felt Seal

Your dryer has a seal that prevents heat from escaping the drum. It also prevents your laundry from getting trapped between the drum and the dryer's panel. But just like other parts of your dryer, the seal may wear down with time. And your laundry might get trapped in the gap created and rub against the spinning drum, getting torn. Even worse, your clothes might get stained by the grease or rust on the dryer's cabinet. When this happens, call an experienced dryer repair to replace the faulty felt seal to avoid more tears and stains.

3. Damaged Support Rollers

This is another reason you may be seeing stains on your dried laundry. The drum has support rollers that enable it to spin perfectly to dry your clothes. If the rollers are damaged, the drum may sag, creating a gap where the clothes can easily get trapped. This exposes them to rust and grease on the dryer panels. To address this, the dryer repair technician will unmount the drum to access the rollers and replace them to eliminate the gap.

Has your dryer been burning, staining, or tearing your laundry? You need to fix it as soon as possible. Do not pull your toolbox to try to fix the issue. You might make the damage worse. Your best chance to handle this is to enlist the services of a competent dryer repair service. They understand your frustrations and will get your dryer in top shape within no time.

COntact a local dryer repair service to learn more.