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Do These Things Before You Leave The Laundromat

If you've recently started going to your local self-service laundromat, you'll likely appreciate the convenience of being able to sit and scroll through your phone, read a book, or even work on your laptop computer while your clothing and bedding complete their washing and drying cycles. As your final drying cycle concludes, you might be eager to grab your clean laundry and immediately head home. Before you do so, however, there are a handful of simple tasks that you should complete. Keep the following things in mind during your next laundromat visit.

Ensure Your Machines Are Empty

It's a good habit to spend a moment to check that whatever washing and drying machines you've used are empty. It can be easy to sometimes overlook a small article of clothing. For example, you might pull your clothing out of the washing machine and load it into the dryer without realizing that one of your socks is stuck to the inside of the machine. The last thing that you want to do is arrive home and realize you're missing an article of clothing. Taking a moment to confirm that you have everything before you leave is a good idea.

Fold Your Laundry

It's worthwhile to spend a few minutes folding your laundry before you leave the premises. Jamming your unfolded laundry into a bag or basket can cause it to be wrinkled by the time you get home, which could mean that some articles of clothing require ironing. Many self-service laundromats have tables on which you can fold your items before you load them in your bag or basket for the trip home. You won't regret adding this step to your laundromat visit.

Clean Up Any Messes

People can sometimes make a mess when they're doing their laundry at a local laundromat. For example, when you pour your liquid detergent into the washing machine, you might spill a few drops on the edge of the machine or on the floor. Or, you might leave some lint on the floor when you clean out the dryer's lint trap. Before you leave, it's a good idea to briefly look at the machines you used and make sure they look tidy. It doesn't take long to wipe up any spilled detergent, and you'll likely feel good about leaving the area clean for the next person to use. Keep these simple tips in mind during your next laundromat visit.

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