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Common Reasons You May Need Stove Repair

Nationwide, 38% of Americans have a gas stove, but there are certain states where more homes have gas stoves than electric stoves. Obviously, gas stoves are still popular today. If you have a gas stove, you probably want to keep it for as long as possible. However, it will start to encounter problems over time. If you can repair the problem, you can keep using your high-end appliance. Learn some of the common reasons you may need stove repair. 

Gas Burners Not Igniting

You expect your gas burner to light properly when you switch the knob to "Ignite". If you struggle to get the gas burners to light but they light eventually, you may need stove cleaning. Someone needs to deconstruct the stove and thoroughly clean it, as well as the grates. If the stove won't ignite at all, the connection may have come loose. Without a proper gas supply, the ignition won't be able to ignite the gas burner. An appliance repairman can check the connections to restore any connections that have become loose. They'll also be able to check for a gas leak. If you have a gas leak, do not use your stove until you get the leak repaired. A gas leak can become deadly if you and your family breathe heavy concentrations of carbon monoxide, or the gas comes into contact with an open flame. Proceed with caution!

Ventilation Problems 

Gas stoves require ventilation. The stove will either have its own unique ventilation, or it will connect to the rest of your home's ventilation system. You may have a vent hood to help direct air in the correct direction. If the ventilation becomes clogged or damaged, it could lead to smoke inside your kitchen. The smoke can irritate the eyes. More importantly, it can lead to respiratory issues. 

Physical Damage

Stoves have knobs and other hardware on them. When the hardware comes loose, you'll need to replace them. Otherwise, you may not be able to control your stove properly. Sometimes the stove material can become damaged. Minor damage can be repaired, while major damage may require complete replacement. If the door becomes damaged, the stove may not be able to heat the food to the desired temperature since the heat will escape from the gap in the door.

When your stove has a problem, get an expert's opinion. Ask your local appliance repairman if you should get a repair or replace your stove. For more information, contact a company like dacorfactoryservice.